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MK K2744WHI 2 Gang 13 Amp + 2 USB's Switched Socket Outlet

Part Number: MKEK2744WHI

  An update on MK's ever popular K2747WHI brought up to date with USB charging. The K2744WHI is styled as a 2 Gang 13 Amp Switched Socket but with the addition of 2 x 5 Volt 2 Amp USB outlets located in the centre of the plate. As expected the MK version trumps and suppases cheaper imported versions and also some by well known manufacturers by having a dymnamic device recognition. This ensures that the USB outlets provide optimum charging capability over a wide range of devices, and with the added benefits of being USB 2.0 and 3.0 compatible. The socket can charge a device up to a full 2 Amps, If only one device is connected the total ouput of 2 Amps is available from either socket, if two devices are connected then they are split to 1 Amp per outlet. If the total charging capacity exceeds 2 Amps the device will enter a current (Amps) limiting safety mode to maintain a steady charge. 

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Technical Data

Technical Data

Features and Benefits -

  • Printed Terminal Markings on grey rear mouldings for clearer identification
  • Fully backed out terminal screws
  • Top Access angled terminals making wiring easier and quicker
  • Totally safe 3 Pin operated safety shutter on 13a Sockets
  • Double Pole Switching as standard
  • 3mm Minimum Switch contact gap
  • Additional electrical safety from Neutral 'Make First' and 'Break Last' Feature
  • SELV Isolation between mains and USB outlets for safety
  • Complies with BS5733 and IEC61558-2-16/61000-6-1 and 61000-6-3
  • Fits in a 25mm deep back box

Product Video

Product Video