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CK Tools 595003 Professional Premium Electricians Tool Kit

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CK Tools The Professional's Tool Choice, Premium 19 piece Tool Kit, high quality award winning tools at a remarkable price.

Everything a Electrician could need from entry level to the most experienced of Electrical Engineers.

Featuring Combicutter3 Sidecutters and Dextro screwdrivers all complete in the rugged Magna tool case with padded handle and shoulder strap

Induction hardened jaws for outstanding long term performance. Cutting Jaws with CK optimised geometry for unsurpassed cutting performance. Special C60 alloy steel for exceptional strength and durability

Fully VDE Approved  individually tested to 10,000volts for safe live working up to 1000volts.

1 x MA2630 Magna Electricians Tool Case & Shoulder Strap with the following tools:

  • C.K Redline VDE Combicutter3 side cutters 165mm, Combination pliers 185mm, Snipe nose pliers 175mm
  • C.K Dextro VDE Screwdrivers PZ1 & PZ2
  • C.K Dextro VDE Screwdrivers PH1 & PH2
  • C.K Dextro VDE Screwdrivers Slotted 2.5x75 & 4x100
  • C.K Dextro VDE Screwdrivers Modulo (plus / minus tip) Size 2
  • C.K Junior hacksaw
  • C.K 5m/16ft ST Tape measure
  • C.K Electrician's knife
  • C.K Automatic wire strippers
  • C.K Pocket level
  • C.K VDE Mainstester
  • C.K Hi-Vis Claw hammer
  • C.K M3.5 re-threading tool

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