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A complete list of Low Pressure Sodium (SOX) , High Pressure Sodium (SON), Mercury Blended Fluorescent (MBF) and all High Intensity Discharge Metal Halide Lamps in all caps and colours. s.

Here at Edwardes Bros we are proud to stock a high quality and varied range of Discharge lamps. Our High-Pressure Sodium Lamps come in Son-E, Sone+ and Sont. These contain additional elements such as mercury. On the opposite side, we have Low Pressure Sodium Lamps with 18w, 55w and 90w SOZ BC. We stock MGF (Mercury Blended Fluorescent lamps with Osram 80 watt and SLI 50w in stock online and instore. Additionally, we have all types metal Halide Lamps with Capsule, Ended and Double Ended Lamps just a few of our range which you can find below.

If you have any queries on our product range then feel free to contact us any time for more information here.