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Lamps - Halogen 230v Mains Voltage

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All the 230 Volt/Mains voltage halogen lamps that we do in every conceivable version from display types like the ever popular GU10 Reflector and capsules to the "Cap" like types that offer a direct replacement to standard older style lamps in the more traditional ES/BC caps. We also offer an "ESH" Version which stands for Energy Saving Halogen typically these offer a 30% reduction in the energy that they burn , providing a viable option to the Compact Fluorescent lamps that have become a direct replacement for Old Standard style tungsten filament lamps.

History - A carbon filament lamp using chlorine to prevent darkening of the envelope was patented in 1882, and chlorine-filled "NoVak" lamps were marketed in 1892. The use of iodine was proposed in a 1933 patent, which also described the cyclic re-deposition of tungsten back onto the filament. In 1959, General Electric patented a practical lamp using iodine, now a popular and practical form of light in and around the home