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Accessories - Cable Pulling Lubricant and Tallow

Two Types of cable pulling lubricant, the Clear Guide is for use with LSF (Low Smoke & Flame cable)and the Standard Yellow 77, and traditional tallow

Ideal Clear Glide wire pulling lubricant 31-388 1 Quart - IDLCLEARGUIDE1Q

Clear Glide wire pulling lubricant. 1 Quart (0.95 litre) in a squeeze bottle. Clear and colorless for quick and easy clean-up. Exceptional lubricity for super-fast pulls. Polymer-based formula perfect for all electrical and datacom applications. Safe to use with all cable types including datacoms and all cable jackets including low density polyethylene. Lubricant stable up to 180 degrees F (82 degrees C). Freezes at 30 degrees F (-1C) non-corrosive and non-toxic. Cleans up with soap & water.Application by hand, brush or pump. CAUTION this liquid is electrically conductive when appied. Allow sufficient drying time befor energising the circuit. Do not allow wet product to come in contact with live terminals

  £9.30 INC. VAT
Ideal YELLOW 77 Cable pulling lubricant 31-358 1 Quart. - IDLYELLOW771Q

Ideal Yellow 77 wire pulling lubricant 1 Quart (0.95 litre) in a squeeze bottle. TEFLON additive provides greater lubricity than other wax-based lubricants. Safe to use with all cable types (NOT LSF CABLE). Remains stable in high temperatures usable from 30 F to 190 F (-1 C to 88 C). Consistent smooth pulls, clings throughout the pull, will not wash off cable, environment safe. As cable is being drawn into conduit, apply Yellow 77 with protected hands or brush covering thoroughly.

Do not use on LSF cables Use the Clear version IDLCLEARGUIDE for LSF

  £6.60 INC. VAT
Norslo TL large tub of tallow 0.9kg 2lb size 2 - NORTALLOWLARGE

Norslo TL 0.9kg white tallow for lubricating conduit dies when cutting new threads on steel conduit

  £12.60 INC. VAT