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CK Tools Ratchet Crimping Tools for Data & Cord End Terminals

CK 430021 R-B-Y Ratchet Crimping Pliers For Insulated Terminals - CKT430021

Designed for the safe and secure crimping of Red, Blue and Yellow Insulated Terminals.

  £41.10 INC. VAT
CK Tools 430022 Bootlace Cord End Ratchet Crimper Pliers - CKT430022

CK Tools 430022 Ratchet Bootlace Crimping Pliers 230mm long for 10.0mm2 to 25.0mm2 Cord End Bootlace Ferrules

  £41.40 INC. VAT
CK Tools 430028 RJ11 & RJ45 Data Ratchet Crimper Tool - CKT430028

CK Tools 430028 220mm Data Ratchet Crimper ToolRJ11 (6P4C) RJ12 (6P6C) & RJ45 (8P8C)   

Designed for the safe & secure attachment of modular plugs without die changes. Built in wire stripper/cutter mechanism for convenience.

  £43.80 INC. VAT
CK Tools 430029 0.25mm2 - 6.0mm2 Bootlace Cord End Ratchet Crimper - CKT430029

CK Tools 430029 Ratchet Bootlace Crimping Pliers 190mm long for 0.25mm2 to 6.0mm2 Cord End Bootlace Ferrules Length 190mm

  £43.98 INC. VAT
CK Tools 495001 Automatic Wire Strippers, with Wire Cutters & Crimper - CKT495001

CK Tools 495001 Automatic Wire Stripping with micro Adjustment knob

Strips - 0.2mm2- 6.0mm2

Cutting - HRC 40 - 50

Crimping Insulated Terminals  - 0.5mm2 - 6.0mm2 (Blue, Red & Yellow) & Non-Insulated Terminals

Automatic wire stripper Designed for fatigue free, repetitive stripping of flat & round cable & wire. Heavy duty construction with hardened steel blades for outstanding long term performance. Automatic wire size adjustment and stripping length stop for consistent results. Side insertion of wire for ease of use. Integrated wire cutter and crimping jaws for convenience.

  £17.40 INC. VAT