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MK Sockets - MK Logic Plus

We're proud to stock a wide variety of MK Sockets from 2,5,13 and 15 amp. Alongside our switched sockets with inboard rockers, neon indicators, outboard rockers and USB outlets. We have a range of unswitched sockets with non-standard, filtered and round pin options.

MK Sockets are the leading UK supplier of electrical wiring accessories

As quality electrical wholesalers here at Edwardes Bros Ltd. We stock a wide range of MK Sockets with various styles and outlets in the forms of switched and unswitched MK Logic Plus Sockets.

MK Logic Plus sockets from MK Electric offer a sophisticated and modern finish that will look at home in any room. They also adhere to all British Standards and offer patented features that make them the most advanced and safest electric sockets on the market.

MK Logic Plus socket information
  1. DOUBLE POLE SWITCHING - MK Logic Plus switches both live and neutral (neutral makes first, breaks last) means added safety for the user
  3. 3-PIN “CHILD RESISTANT SHUTTER SYSTEM” - MK Logic Plus is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all 3 pins of a standard British 13A plug are in position
  4. HIGH GLOSS, HIGH QUALITY THERMOSET MATERIAL - Inherent antimicrobial properties, resists scratching, maintains appearance
  5. TERMINAL MARKINGS - Clearly marked on all rear mouldings
  6. TERMINAL SCREWS - Backed out and held captive within the terminal housing
  7. IN-LINE TERMINALS - MK Logic Plus allows wire to be cut stripped to the same length
  8. DUAL EARTH TERMINALS - MK Logic Plus is ideal for installations that require high integrity earthing