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ESP UDTAKIT 3 Part Disabled Toilet Alarm Nurse Call Kit


The ESP UDTAKIT offers urivalled quality at an un-beatable price. Comprising of 3 Parts all complete with a back box. Fully designed to meet BS8300 and Building Regulations Part M for the criteria of care standards. The Indication Illuminated LED light also includes a 80dB distinctive tone alert for when the alarm is triggered. The pullcord module that is supplied has a distinctive red pull cord supplied with 2 handles, including LED alert triangle, this switch also features an anti ligature mechanism to aid the prevention of accidental of self harm. The Reset module has a clear LED Alert triangle with internal sounder to re-assure the user the alarm has been raised and assistance is on the way, the alert triangle feature acts as a push button to reset the alarm as clearly indicated on the module. All modules are manufactured from UREA which contains naturally occuring anti bacterial properties, ideal for installations sensitive to hygiene.

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Technical Data

Technical Data

Features - 

  • Pullcord Unit with Red cuttable cord and handles complete with surface back box
  • Illuminated LED Unit complete with surface back box
  • Illuminated Alarm Reset Button with surface back box
  • Disabled awareness self adhesive sticker for toilet door