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Fluke T90 Voltage And Continuity Tester

Part No.:

The Fluke T90 is ideal for use in any low voltage applications. It can be used to measure across 12, 24, 50 , 100, 230, 400 and 690 Volts and coninuity from 0-400 KOhms. with audible detection. Using LED indicators to show the Voltage Measurement taken.

Features and Benefits -

  • Backlit LED Indicator
  • Continuity Test - Visual Results
  • Continuity Test - Audible Results
  • Voltage Test
  • Indication Of Polarity
  • Switchable Load
  • Single Pole Test for Phase Detection
  • Probe Tip Detection
  • Voltage Display with Discharged Batteries
  • GS38 Compliant Tip Caps
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Improved Probe Docking System

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