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MK K2946ALM 2 Gang 13 Amp DP Metalclad Plus Switched Socket

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MK K2946ALM 2 Gang 13 Amp DP Metalclad Plus Surface Switched Socket

High integrity earthing with two 13amp Double Pole switch socket they are fitted with two earth terminals to provide a double earth facility for use when installations require a high integrity protective connection as specified within BS 7671 : 2008 . Double pole switching All switchsockets have double pole switching (neutral makes first,breaks last). Boxes: BS 5733 : 1995 Socket: BS 1363 Pt.2: 1995

Earth terminal fitted in boxes.

DIMENSIONS: 2 gang : 86 x 146 x 51mm

TERMINAL CAPACITY : 2 x 6mm2 stranded (max)

KNOCKOUTS: 2 gang : 8 x 20 mm. Three in top two in bottom sides and one in each end. One in base

SPARE BOXES: 2 gang : K830 ALM K897 ALM(without side knockouts) All boxes have a base knockout

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