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Sangamo Q554.2 20amp 3pin Base 24hour Day Omit Quartz Time Switch

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Round Pattern (RPTS) Standard time switches are robust 20amp switches that are ideal for the switching of heating and lighting applications up to three times a day, (not a Solar Dial)  

The Q554 has a 3-pin base which means it has common motor and switch connections. Common Neutral with single pole switching on the live side.

The Q554 comes with a 100 hour battery reserve which is useful should there be a power failure.

The day omit feature means you can skip any day of the week if necessary. There is also a manual override button for your convenience. The Q554 is a fit-and-forget time clock.

100 hour battery reserve

Day omit ON operation (stay off on selected days)

24 hour cycle 3-pin base (230Vac -common clock & switch supply)

2 on/off or 3on/off operations

20A rating

Temporary override until next programmed event

5 Year Guarantee

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