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Wise Box V3 Kit 4x10a Channels C/W 4 Button like Keyfob Remote & 4 Button Intense Wall Switch

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 Wise Box Version 3 is identical to the original Wise Box with the added feature of being able to use Wise Box Modified PIR's to operate lighting (4 Per Channel, a total of 16). 

Used for wire free switching circuits for Garden Lighting, Water features, Pumps, Gates Shutters Garage Electric Garage Door Operators. 

Once the live 240volt feeds from the Wise Box are connected for example to Garden Lights, the controllers Wall Mounted or Key Fob are programed allowing the Lights to be operated from up to 200m away from the Wise Box. 

Each of the 4way channels have a a addition of a dial type timer for adjusting on time e.g. delay on. For Tungsten Incandescent Floodlights, Bulkheads LED Floods (Not Discharge fittings such as SON (High Pressure Sodium), MBI (Metal Halide) Sox or MBFU (Mercury), these type of Lamps do not respond to short time switching)

• 4 Channel, 10 Amps / Circuit

• Features four PIR timer dials for each circuit, allowing up to 16 PIR’s to be connected

• Includes a 4 button like keyfob and a 4 button Intense wall switch

• Control lights, water features, gates, shutters etc.

• Once programmed, place the indoor wireless switch in a suitable location and the installation is complete

• Enjoy switching your circuits from anywhere in your garden or home with the remote control

• The receiver has four 10 amp circuits with a maximum amperage of 20 amps. These circuits can be changed from switching to an open circuit


Detection Range 200m*

IP Rating IP54

DIMENSIONS Depth 80mm Height 184mm Width 200mm

WISEBOX KIT V2 ELECTRICAL Amperage 20A Maximum across the 4 channels

Amps per Circuit 10 amps

Minimum Wattage per Circuit 1 Watt

Voltage 240V

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