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Wylex NHXS1C20 20 Amp 30ma Type C Single Pole 1 Module RCBO

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The new miniature RCBO for the Wylex NM Range of consumer Units, 6ka rated for domestic duty, in type C for surges between 5-10 the start up current.Miniature RCBOs take up less space in the consumer unit and so provide more wiring space for the installer, making the installation process easier and quicker. Wylex RCBOs go one step further, they have switched neutral built in as standard, live and neutral conductors do not have to be disconnected for insulation resistance testing. This saves time and money, particularly for responsible landlords who regularly test installations during occupancy voids. 

RCBO's or to give it its full name Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent is a combined MCB/RCD, combining overload, short circuit and earth leakage protection in one single pole device. Ratings from 6 to 40 amp. 

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